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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017 01:29PM CST

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Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues  


Problem: I can no longer control my light through the app!


The Lightpad can lose it’s wifi connection on rare occasions causing loss of control using the Plum app. The Lightpad is designed to automatically rejoin wifi if it does drop off but is not always able to do so. You may notice Lightpads randomly glowing or flashing green. This indicates that it has reestablished its wifi connection but does not always indicate that it dropped of the network. The router may have just renewed the DHCP lease or something else related to how the router manages clients. 


Here are some steps for troubleshooting post provisioning Lightpad connectivity issues. 




    1.    DO NOT delete the light from the application. This is one of the very last things to try and we encourage you to contact us before doing this. 


    2.    Try to control the Light while your mobile device is connected to your wifi and also test with wifi off using cellular data. If you are able to control it locally but not outside your network, it could mean the wifi is fine and the connection to our server has been interrupted.


    3.    Reboot the Lightpad by pulling the air-gap power cutoff switch located on the bezel directly below the touch pad in the center.


    4.    Force quit the app and reopen to establish a new connection to our server. Many users are not aware that every iOS app you open is idle in the background until you force quit or reboot your device. This can cause issues with all apps on the device.


    5.    Reboot your mobile device. This is a step that is commonly ignored especially if every other app or functionality appears tone working but keep mind that most apps are made by different developers using different design protocols that can benefit from this simple step. Relax, you will be back on your device again in minutes and everything will still be there. Yep sometimes its that easy.


    6.    Rebooting your router/modem/wireless access points is another under utilized step for connectivity issues. No this is not the most convenient thing to do but it really is good for every thing in or using the network.


    7.    Wifi interference is a huge factor that is difficult to understand but it is real and our product's antenna is under the bezel covered by the switch plate and stays in the same location so it is pretty much necessary to overcompensate by having the best possible wifi signal that you can manage. If you have Lightpads that frequently lose wifi connection, you might want to re-evaluate your wifi environment. Just because the device is right next to the router does not mean it has great signal strength. There are many common household items that can dramatically degrade a wifi signal. One thing to try is to change the channel on your router. Channels 1,6,and 11 are the only channels that do not overlap but the best channel option depends on the environment in and around your home. Applications like Wifi Explorer can help with analyzing your surroundings so you can select the channel with the least interference.


    8.    Wifi is overloaded with connected devices and this can cause the Lightpads to lose connection. Every Lightpad opens a connection to every other Lightpad and with our server. The protocol that is used to transmit data across the local wifi network is different from the data PCs and mobile devices use. This is because it helps keep your Lightpads secure and prevent outside interference from people with malicious intent. I am currently dealing with this situation myself. My single Asus AC2400 has a total of 38 active devices running nearly all day. Asus has software that allows you to view the load on your network and mine is always strained and sometimes 1 of the 2 processors will be 100% used. The number of connections open and the amount of data transmitted will have equal impact on the routers performance. In my case I will need to upgrade my router or continue to have performance issues with all my devices. 


Once all these factors have been considered and you feel confident that your have everything under control consider everything again. If you still feel the need to further troubleshoot, you can always try the last resort actions and delete the light from the app and re-provision or reset the Lightpad to the factory default settings.

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