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My Lightpad No Longer Responds to the App.

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2017 02:48AM CDT

My Lightpad works when I use the switch but no longer responds to the Plum app.


Single pole


The Lightpad has likely lost it’s connection to wifi. Reboot the Lightpad by pulling the air-gap switch. The boot up takes approximately 60 seconds and the glow ring will be cycling through colors during this time. Once the color cycle stops the Lightpad should be reconnected to wifi.




3-way switches use 2 Lightpads to control the same light. One switch is the Master that drives the load to light and the other controls the Master switch over wifi.Both need to be on wifi to all work properly.If the Master loses wifi, the light can be controlled from the switch but the app and remote Lightpad will not work. If the remote Lightpad is offline, the app and master will work but the remote switch will not. Reboot both switches just to be sure. Once they are booted up they should all be online and working again.


Use this article that explains how to reboot a Lightpad.



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