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The Glow Ring on my Lightpad is Endlessly Changing Colors.

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2017 02:45AM CDT

If the glow ring is endlessly cycling through colors, the Lightpad is stuck and unable to boot up. This is usually related to the software that runs the Lightpad but it is sometimes a hardware failure. 

First try a reboot on the Lightpad.

How to reboot a Lightpad


If the glow ring is still changing colors after several minutes, try a factory reset. 

How to reset a Lightpad to factory settings.

A factory reset will cycle through a pattern of color changes for about 5 min before it is complete. Allow 10 minutes to pass and return to check to see if the reset was successful. 

The glow ring should be the default ice blue and should glow when it senses movement. The Lightpad is now ready to provision again. 

If resetting the Lightpad does not work, contact our support team. 

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